How to Start a Mini Ice Plant Business

Soprex Foundation has received a lot of email enquiries about the 1.35 Mini Ice Plant.  It is good to know that interest in the Mini Ice Plant technology is very high among rural entrepreneurs.

Because Soprex is committed to make available our knowledge base free of charge, we have put up a downloadable pre-feasibility study for the Mini Ice Plant technology and start-up.  Just browse the PLEDGES Program section to your right and click on the Mini Ice Plant link.

The document is in PDF so you can save and read it later on your computer.  You can also instantly print it if you want as Scribd, which hosts the Mini Ice Plant feasibility study document, has a print utility.

Starting a Mini Ice Plant Business

If you want to start a Mini Ice Plant business, then it is important to consider your location.  As you may already know, a very important part of the Mini Ice Plant feasibility study is market feasibility.  This will depend primarily on the specific situation of your particular locality.

Some aspects that are very important to consider when you design a Mini Ice Plant feasibility are the following:

1. Market Demand
2. Availability and cost of power
3. Availability and cost of water
4. Prices and product quality of competitors

The nature of your organization should also be considered in the feasibility, e.g., single proprietorship, stock corporation, non-stock/non-profit, cooperative, etc.

In terms of financing, you must consider the following questions:

1. Is there a specific proponent who will fund your project?
2. Do you need additional funding?
3. Do you have a financial plan?
4. What are your financing prospects or sources of funding?

Infrastructure and fixed assets are also important to consider when you develop a Mini Ice Plant feasibility.  Specifically, you should underscore if there are existing buildings, lands, etc, where you can build the Mini Ice Plant.  If there are none, then this situation will affect the total cost of your start-up.

Social Edge

If your search for a Mini Ice Plant feasibility is for academic purpose, then we can recommend the Social Edge website. This institution sponsors a Global Social Business Incubator program through online mentoring and coaching services.  We have learned a lot from its practices.  You can visit its website at

Soprex Consulting Services

On the other hand, if you are seriously considering starting-up a Mini Ice Plant business, then Soprex Foundation is prepared to provide a complete package of consulting service for reasonable fees and charges.  As an institution, we are dependent on such consulting fees so we can pay for the cost of support staff, personnel, and operating expenses.

Online Mentoring

To minimize the initial engagement cost for preparing the feasibility study of a Mini Ice Plant, we are adopting the online mentoring and coaching model.  We can engage in real time data conferencing so we can guide you every step of the way in preparing your local study document.

Please feel free to download our Mini Ice Plant pre-feasibility document.  You might find it useful for your own pre-feasibility study.

You may contact us any time if you want to know more about our services.  We also encourage you to post comments on this blog and share your ideas on Mini Ice Plant technology.

UPDATE: We have a new post giving additional tips and resources that may help you.

57 responses to “How to Start a Mini Ice Plant Business

  1. i am interested to put up a mini ice plant. can you send me further information regarding the matter. thank you very much

  2. sandie cerrillo

    am really interested to put up 1.35 mini ice plant,and need more info.thanks and more power.

  3. sir,
    going to start mini ice plant ,
    please guide me and where am going purchase the things

  4. helo, I am interested to put up a mini ice plant in my province Antique, the problem is, I have no capital yet, is it possible that I will pay to the company in installment basis? thank you very much, we have our own house and lot, can we consider it as a collateral until we can pay the whole amount of the plant? thank you very much.

  5. sir i want to contact u

  6. sir i want start a mini ice plant for fishery purpose

  7. very interesting business

  8. sir,i have a 2ton mini iceplant,iwould like to purchase again another can icontact you?

  9. For all those who want to contact us, please send a direct email to soprexfoundation [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you very much.

  10. i’m also interested. please send me info how to start a mini ice plant business here in iloilo. thanks

  11. Rómulo Vásquez

    i am interested to put up a mini ice plant. can you send me further information regarding the matter. thank you very much

  12. Hello,
    I’m interesting to know more about mini ice plant i need Mini Ice Plant pre-feasibility let me know how can I get it.

  13. Hello,
    thanks for your mail I’m living in south of Iran Bandar-e Bushehr close to see and almost 8 month hot(

  14. Sir
    I would like to gain informations on how a mini ice plant works. I I want to know everything about ice plant coz im thinking to put up one in my place in the future. I dont have any prior knowledge regarding it.

  15. i am now conducting a feasibility study of ice plant as our family business. We considered the location in Samar since we own a lot there. Can a deep well support the water it need? Please let me know

    • Thanks for visiting the site. To answer your question you may refer to this page:

      A section from that previous article could guide you:
      “If your water supply is not ideal (hardness, non-pathogen free), it is best to have an elevated water storage/supply system where you can manually or mechanically chlorinate the water on a daily basis. This is still the cheapest and most effective way not only to render the water safe for human consumption but also to flocculate some elements that make the water “hard”, particularly calcium carbonates (which end up as gall stones) and iron oxides (which leave brown stains on your toilet bowls and lavatories). In this case you will also need an efficient and cheap filtration system, i.e., with backwash system and easy regeneration of the hardness-eliminating bio-chemical compounds.”

      Again, thanks for dropping by the Soprex website.

    • hello this from june star refrigeration services… please see our youtube this is for reference thanks we can help you regarding with your ice plant construction…

      please contact us 09099110707

  16. the construction of my 15T ice plant building is now starting but until now i still dont know how many block and tube ice it could produce and yet, i also dont have a contractor who can install all the machinery i need. Can you give me an idea how many ice a 15T block and tube ice it can produce in 24H and also a company and how i can contact them. thank you once again.

    • hello good day if you have problem with your operation ice plant feel free to contact us for more details 09099110707 we a technical personnel to attend your concerns thanks.

  17. Hallo,

    I am interested in starting a mini iceplant in fishing village in South africa to help to create job opportunities to people in the village.
    Can you provide your advisory service and guide the startup of my business obviously I am prepared to pay for the advice.
    Your urgent response will be appreciated.

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  19. im considering putting up an ice plant to supply the demand of fish market in calapan city, please give me info on cost and operation. tnx

  20. Gents
    I need more infos.

  21. This idea about mini ice plant is very goog though the project is for phlipines i would like to know more as i come from kenya round lake victoria we have currently started fish farming in a small way and this would be of interest to me. one of the gratest challeng will be the ice the is required to preserve the fish.

    we expect the first harvest maybe in july august

  22. i am interested in setting up an ice manufacturing plant in my locality so please provide me the suitable guidance regarding this field and the plant about which i would be more concern will be a huge plant.

  23. I am interested to venture into mini ice plan business.How much is the possible capital and also how to start with this kind of business.thank you very much.

  24. Teresita O.Gepanao

    Hi we the Lapinig Small Fishermen Association would like to know more on your pre-feasibility study. this is for fund sourcing to this project, the 1.5 mini ice plant

  25. i am very interisted in the mini ice plant. i would like to ask what are the machinery you use? brand/model. is it prefabricated or brand new? pls give some information i want to purches the equipment.. tnx and good day

  26. Engr. Ryan Margarejo

    Hi Admin, I am planning of puuting up this kind of business since my line of work is the same as I am a mechanical engineer. I would like to check if the feasibility report attached to this site is updated. Is all the cost for building up the business are still reliable? Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks

  27. hello, i am interested in putting up a mini ice plant in Palawan.1) who will be doing the installation of the equipments,can i do it on my own?. 2)who will supply the equipments or how do i know what type of system i’m getting?.Can you provide me details/specs/drawings of the entire mini-ice plant system. thank you..

  28. Roberto Adriano

    Very interesting, could you please provide more information. Cost of equipment/machines , etc., to start mini-ice plant. With the mini ice plant, how much ice does it produce/day? How much would you charge for technical assistance to support the start up of mini ice plant.

    Kind regards,



  30. mohammad abdul subhan

    I want to know all the details to start an ice plant, please guide me, may i know ur contact no. please

  31. Chris Barnard Sinoro

    I am contemplating of putting up an ice plant business. I was wondering if it is profitable. How am i going to start up

  32. Roschelle Aquino

    My husband and I are planning to start an ice plant. I have read your feasibility study. Is there a way we can pay your company by installment basis. Where is the nearest location where are staff can have a training regarding the procedure. We are planning to have the ice plant installed in La Union.

  33. HI! I am interested to put up mini ice plant in our province, pls be so kind to give me details and infos. thank you

  34. I am interested to have a mini iceplant, i own a lot in las pinas inside subdivision and one in the province paete laguna. my problem is i dont have any idea about the market demand because i am away for almost 20 years and i’m going for good this coming March 2011…can you help me or assist in my problem..thanks and God bless.

  35. hi sir…I’m very much interested to know all the knowledge on how to put up mini ice plant…please send all of the details bout it thank you very much..

  36. We are a people organization registered with and accredited by DOLE. Appreciate if you could send us detailed costs of your consulting services on 1.35MT mini ice plant. We have access to livelihood-oriented government funding facilities. Thanks

  37. i am interested to put up a mini ice plant in my province. can you send me further information regarding the matter. thank you very much!

  38. I am much very interested to invest in a mini ice plant business. Could you please send me a quotation and other details pertaining the mini ice plant business. As a starter, how does it cost to start this kind of business?

  39. I am interested in starting up an ice making plant. The country where m from, Botswana in Africa,it is very hot all year round and the current suppliers cant meet the demand. Please help out with the details on how to start an established Ice plant.

  40. hi.. this is kimberly garcia from la trinidad benguet
    we are having our feasibility study and we decided that we will put up a mini ice plant
    i would just like to ask if what are the main equipments or machinery needed,, thank you so much and God bless!!

  41. … if u have any suggestions for us.. i really appreciate it much..and can i ask for some websites that would help to know more about putting up an ice plant thank u so much and more power!!!

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  43. Thank you for leaving comments and apologies for a very belated reply. To answer the questions and queries here, please follow this link

  44. hello gud day this is rey from iloilo we can help you regarding of your concerns regarding that matter you can make a call any time for my number given 09099110707….

  45. good day for those who are interested in ICE making business we help you regarding your concerns feel free to contact at given numbers 09099110707, 09398944073 (Design, Build, and Install Ice plant, cold storage, tube ice, flakes ice, blast freezer, chilled room, anti room etc…) thanks ad God bless us all.

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